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Since 2005, Middleton Art & Framing has been building, curating and framing art, photos, memorabilia and more. From preserving your most treasured moments to finding and framing that perfect piece of art for your home or office, Middleton is happy to serve the community with quality custom frames, corporate framing and restoration services.

When framing, we know the secret lies in the details, and understand the custom framing process can be a bit daunting. At Middleton Art & Framing, our staff thoroughly understands the specific techniques and materials needed to turn your artwork, family photos or memorabilia into the kind of masterpiece that transforms the entire room. We carefully consider the media of each piece we frame, aiming to preserve quality as best we can. We get to know you and take the time to truly understand your goals and preferences. From helping you choose art that’s just right to the color scheme and more, it’s the little things that count.

Let’s work together!

Middleton Art & Framing owner Marty Smith (far right) and his family.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Marty and his team have done a wonderful job framing all of our artwork for each of the five restaurants we have open. Their work is fantastic and we continue to come back for more.”

Kevin Lederer, Sprechers Restaurants

I was worried that I might not like how the frame and mat would look with the artwork. When I picked it up, I was pleasantly surprised. I love it!!! The mat and frame really compliment the artwork. They really did a great job. It looks so nice that I am not sure if I want to hang it on my office wall, or keep it at home!”

Angel M

“You restored three of my families early photo’s that were faded. They look clear and we were able reprint them in a larger size.  I was able to give these as Christmas gifts to my whole family and they we so impressed. Anytime I need restoration, I will bring them to you.”

Byrnna L

“Very fair prices, a fantastic selection, super-friendly and helpful staff, quality work, and appropriate timelines make Middleton Art and Framing a no-brainer when it’s time to get important stuff ready to hang on the wall. The wife and I have used them several times now, and we love everything they’ve done for us!”

Jason H

“We have done many projects with Middleton Art & Framing. Each time they top the creative design from the past. They do very high quality work and we will continue to use them.”

Andrew Krueger, H. Kruger & Associates Interior Design

“I gave Middleton a picture of my young  brother who died before I was born. It had been in my aunt’s basement and had water stains on it. They restored it to what it looked like in 1941. I really appreciate all your work, thanks.”

John D

Meet the Team

At Middleton Art & Framing, we put the customer first no matter what. We want you to feel comfortable working with us throughout the design process, from the planning stages right down to the finishing touches. Our team of custom framing experts knows how to keep your favorite pieces looking their best for generations to come.

Here’s a quick look at the faces behind Middleton:

Erin McGroarty, Store Manager

Erin keeps things running smoothly, and really brings a sense of community to the space. Best described as “someone who has never met a stranger,” our customers leave the shop having made a friend. Erin’s contagious warmth helps her find exactly what people want, no matter how complicated the job.

Erin has a fine arts degree and began her framing career working at a gallery in Milwaukee. Always up for a challenge, she loves working with complex designs, and is passionate about taking your photos, art and memorabilia and transforming each item into the kind of masterpiece that makes a whole room come to life. In addition to being both a people person and a picture person, Erin can sure hang a mean jersey.

Carolyn Casey, Senior Designer and Framer

A certified professional framer (CPF),
Carolyn has a long and varied background in all aspects of framing art and design, owning and working in frame shops and galleries across the country from Oregon, to Colorado, Maryland and more before coming to Wisconsin.

An expert in the truest sense of the word, Carolyn has collaborated with everyone from designers, artists and individuals alike. She is a real designer and knows how to tease out the perfect look for any customer. We’re not ones to brag, but she really has a knack for showing people the power of a well-executed frame, and what that can do to transform any space. Carolyn goes beyond simply looking for something pretty, focusing on conservation and restoration to make sure your most beloved keepsakes withstand several lifetimes.

Marty Smith, Owner

The business guy behind this whole operation, Marty has a unique combination of skills from both sides of the brain. He holds both a minor in art history and an MBA. Marty is a lifelong lover of art, and has worn all kinds of professional hats. He spent 20 years in the corporate world before moving to Wisconsin and starting Middleton Art & Framing back in 2005.

Always focusing on the big picture, Marty works on developing the commercial side of the business. These days he spends most of his time determining client needs, sourcing, delivering and installing art, all while staying within the customer’s budget. In addition to his corporate expertise, Marty is all about putting the customer first, designing frames that become treasured keepsakes for Middleton families.

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