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Cherish Your Antiques: Shadow Boxes, Photo Restoration and More

Celebrate Cherish Antiques Day with Meaningful Framed Heirlooms Every April, National Cherish an Antique Day commemorates meaningful heirlooms from your life that can be put on display. If you have a family treasure that you adore, now is the perfect time to consider framing it for this beloved occasion. The holiday is also ideal for thinking about how you might create other profound remembrances of your personal heritage to exhibit in your home. There are numerous ways that you can take important items from your history and preserve them for future generations.

How Acrylic Glazing Protects Your Framed Art

Once you have chosen the right frame to complement your artwork, it’s time to think about available glass options. This is the final touch needed to ensure the piece is ready to be hung securely in your home. For the highest quality of protection at affordable price levels, acrylic glazing could be the perfect choice to safeguard your treasured piece of art. Glazing Vs. Glass It’s natural to assume that glass should be used to shield your art from the elements. But, acrylic glazing may be the most sensible path

How to Choose the Right Mat for Framed Art

You’ve decided that you want to enhance a particular piece of artwork for your home. At this point, you may have even picked out a certain frame that you really love, and feel fits well with the image. But, have you given any thought to the mat? The process for selecting mats to complement both the central art and its surrounding frame can be a puzzle. With the wide selection of colors, styles and even quantities for any given piece, you may not know where to begin. The good news,

The Process of Picking a Frame: What to Consider when Going Custom

Paintings, drawings or photos displayed on a wall look more complete when they’re accented by a well-chosen frame. Every piece of fine artwork that’s designed to be hung deserves to have this special border that complements its content. Once this border is selected, the right frame could be viewed as a work of art in itself. Yet choosing the best outer composition for fine art can be a challenge because of the many styles available. Luckily, there are certain standards that may guide you to discover which is ideal for

How Italian Picture Frames Can Enhance Your Artwork

How Italian Picture Frames Can Enhance Your Artwork Since the Medieval period, Italian artisans have been producing elaborate frames with distinctively decorated borders. To this day, these frames are inspired by current trends derived from classic Greco-Roman architecture. In fact, Italy’s extraordinary frame design is often considered equal to the work of art itself. One of the most exquisite blueprints for this kind of detailed border is called the Tabernacle frame. It was used in early times to provide additional ornamentation to altarpieces and other types of religious images. With

Showcase Your Keepsake Items with Custom Framing Ideas

Showcase Your Keepsake Items with Custom Framing Ideas The holiday season is the perfect time to select the most special gifts for your loved ones. One memorable idea is to frame important keepsake items that can be exhibited in any home. From dried flowers to coin collections to uniforms, the custom frame of your choice will complement anything that’s meaningful — adding extra significance to special items. You can be sure that the lucky recipient of this wonderful present will cherish this personalized gift. Beyond Fine Art With so many

Don’t Just Frame, Preserve Your Memories: Understand the Value of Custom Framing

It captures your eye and inspires you to linger. It’s art so beautiful that the value really can’t be placed, and the awe-inspiring nature of the piece is something that deserves to be captured forever. So, you put it in a frame. You run down to your local big box store and buy one — assuming the art will fit neatly inside, perhaps with a DIY mat border. It looks a little awkward at first but the look grows on you … you suppose. Months later, something about it looks

4 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a Custom Frame for Office Space

  Many professional industries include attractive design and artwork elements in their office spaces, often as an opportunity to impress and woo visitors and clients. Adding visually appealing art also makes an impact internally: employees and professionals exposed to art in their work environments are often inspired to be more innovative, leading to productive and economically beneficial ideas for businesses. If you’re considering adding art to your space, it’s important to consider using a custom frame for your office decor in order to preserve the art to make a lasting