4 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a Custom Frame for Office Space

4 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a Custom Frame for Office Space


4792_92327879161_87878009161_1837787_4891144_nMany professional industries include attractive design and artwork elements in their office spaces, often as an opportunity to impress and woo visitors and clients.

Adding visually appealing art also makes an impact internally: employees and professionals exposed to art in their work environments are often inspired to be more innovative, leading to productive and economically beneficial ideas for businesses.

If you’re considering adding art to your space, it’s important to consider using a custom frame for your office decor in order to preserve the art to make a lasting impression.

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Here are 4 things to consider when choosing the art you wish to custom frame for office space.

1. How do I find the right art?

Finding art to fit your style and budget can be very difficult. At our custom frame shop, we have network sources with easy access to find your art without any hassle, consulting on your interests and needs as we choose the right pieces.

2. Is it worth preserving?

This question isn’t merely considering the monetary value of the piece, but also understanding what the art means to you. Imagine if a day would come that you would find the original quality of the piece diminished — whether the colors fade or the design peels off, fused to the glass. Would you regret not taking better care of the piece? Then a custom frame is the answer!

3. Am I looking for something unique?

Two entirely different custom frames with the same artwork inside can still make the pieces look extremely unique. If you’re hoping to hang artwork that really stands out, then custom framing is a great route to go. Plus, working with a custom designer, you can consider the colors and elements in your professional brand and find a way to create consistent from your logo to the art on your walls.

4. How do I know I am getting what I need?

If you’ve already decided on artwork but have no idea what the next step is in making that artwork ready to hang, then you’ll benefit from the professional expertise of a custom frame designer. Highly-experienced designers work with you to understand your needs, assisting you in decisions to design the perfect combination of matting, frame and conservation materials to beautify and protect your personal treasures.


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