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Cherish Your Antiques: Shadow Boxes, Photo Restoration and More

Celebrate Cherish Antiques Day with Meaningful Framed Heirlooms Every April, National Cherish an Antique Day commemorates meaningful heirlooms from your life that can be put on display. If you have a family treasure that you adore, now is the perfect time to consider framing it for this beloved occasion. The holiday is also ideal for thinking about

How Acrylic Glazing Protects Your Framed Art

Once you have chosen the right frame to complement your artwork, it’s time to think about available glass options. This is the final touch needed to ensure the piece is ready to be hung securely in your home. For the highest quality of protection at affordable price levels, acrylic glazing could be the perfect choice

How to Choose the Right Mat for Framed Art

You’ve decided that you want to enhance a particular piece of artwork for your home. At this point, you may have even picked out a certain frame that you really love, and feel fits well with the image. But, have you given any thought to the mat? The process for selecting mats to complement both

How Italian Picture Frames Can Enhance Your Artwork

How Italian Picture Frames Can Enhance Your Artwork Since the Medieval period, Italian artisans have been producing elaborate frames with distinctively decorated borders. To this day, these frames are inspired by current trends derived from classic Greco-Roman architecture. In fact, Italy’s extraordinary frame design is often considered equal to the work of art itself. One

Showcase Your Keepsake Items with Custom Framing Ideas

Showcase Your Keepsake Items with Custom Framing Ideas The holiday season is the perfect time to select the most special gifts for your loved ones. One memorable idea is to frame important keepsake items that can be exhibited in any home. From dried flowers to coin collections to uniforms, the custom frame of your choice