Cherish Your Antiques: Shadow Boxes, Photo Restoration and More

Cherish Your Antiques: Shadow Boxes, Photo Restoration and More

Celebrate Cherish Antiques Day with Meaningful Framed Heirlooms

Every April, National Cherish an Antique Day commemorates meaningful heirlooms from your life that can be put on display. If you have a family treasure that you adore, now is the perfect time to consider framing it for this beloved occasion.

The holiday is also ideal for thinking about how you might create other profound remembrances of your personal heritage to exhibit in your home. There are numerous ways that you can take important items from your history and preserve them for future generations.

2-D and 3-D Framing Ideas

Whether you want to place a decorative frame around a drawing your grandmother made when she was a child or put your father’s comforting collection of old pipes under glass, there are countless methods to present precious heirlooms.

A traditional frame can accommodate customary art such as watercolors or illustrations. But for larger items, including mementos or family antiques, a shadow box is the best choice. Unlike customary frames, shadow boxes are deep enough to hold the featured possession safely inside to be displayed.

Choosing the appropriate frame composition, depending on the size and shape of the desired object, will ensure that significant moments from your family’s past will be protected in the years to come.

Restoring Old Photographs

Over time, it’s easy for old, loose photographs to get lost in the inevitable accumulations that are part of life. But when you sort through these invaluable moments, you can restore any faded pictures and continue to shield them from signs of age behind complementary frames.

By carefully reconditioning these pictures, you may then hang them up so that key family memories are never forgotten. In addition, when you frame these restored photos, you won’t ever risk losing them in unsecured collections that can be easily misplaced.

Custom Framed Photographs

Essential photos from the past are not the only kinds of pictures that deserve to be transformed into framed art. Contemporary photographs in your family’s life can also be matted and framed for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

From new framed to custom canvas photographs, you may present today’s pictures in beautifully framed compositions that are destined to become family antiques of tomorrow.

Memorialize Important Moments

One of the loveliest aspects of framing is that any kind of historic item from your life can be turned into art. There’s no limit to the kind of possession you wish to showcase within a most fitting frame. The ultimate framework that reflects your individual style can be devised for any type of belonging.

So as National Cherish an Antique Day approaches, it’s quite suitable to start imagining certain symbols of your heritage as part of memorable framed compositions. Then you will always have wonderful pieces available to mark this yearly tradition of both remembering and celebrating distinctive moments from your past.