Don’t Just Frame, Preserve Your Memories: Understand the Value of Custom Framing

Don’t Just Frame, Preserve Your Memories: Understand the Value of Custom Framing

Customer Service That Can't Be BeatIt captures your eye and inspires you to linger. It’s art so beautiful that the value really can’t be placed, and the awe-inspiring nature of the piece is something that deserves to be captured forever.

So, you put it in a frame. You run down to your local big box store and buy one — assuming the art will fit neatly inside, perhaps with a DIY mat border. It looks a little awkward at first but the look grows on you … you suppose.

Months later, something about it looks off. Then, you realize that something has faded your priceless art.

What happened?

Standard retail frames don’t have what it takes to properly preserve the item on display inside: whether it’s a picture, painting, memorabilia or some other special token. When you understand what it takes to preserve these important memories, you’ll realize the value of custom framing.

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Consider Light’s Impact On Your Art

A key point to consider is that light will affect art without the properly chosen type of glass to protect it. It’s not just sunlight that can cause colors to fade or change — indirect sunlight, fluorescent bulbs and other lighting scenarios will make a difference. Options such as anti-UV glass, reflection control glass and museum glass are simply a few to discuss with your custom framer when considering the best type of protection to maintain your artwork.

Consider Expert Advice When Making Design Decisions

Work with an expert designer to find a complimentary mat that not only enhances the art but also protects it from regular wear and tear. The mats major protection purpose is to separate the artwork from the glass to avoid the two becoming fused. Conservation Certified mats can also slow down the acidic erosion process in paper, which cause paper to yellow.

Working with a custom frame shop helps you create a framed piece that you’ll not only love but that will also last through whatever elements it encounters. Now that you understand the importance of a custom frame, it’s time to have a little fun — download our free guide offering a few sneak peek tips for mixing and matching to create the best custom frame below.


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