How Italian Picture Frames Can Enhance Your Artwork

How Italian Picture Frames Can Enhance Your Artwork

How Italian Picture Frames Can Enhance Your Artwork

Roma MouldingSince the Medieval period, Italian artisans have been producing elaborate frames with distinctively decorated borders. To this day, these frames are inspired by current trends derived from classic Greco-Roman architecture. In fact, Italy’s extraordinary frame design is often considered equal to the work of art itself.

One of the most exquisite blueprints for this kind of detailed border is called the Tabernacle frame. It was used in early times to provide additional ornamentation to altarpieces and other types of religious images. With incredible detail, this category of Italian frames was customarily hand-carved to the degree that could be found within embellished building interiors and other architectural settings.

For a more simplistic, streamlined version of this beloved approach, the Casetta frame offers subtler gildings and carvings meant to spotlight the featured art without distracting from it. This type of frame became prevalent during the Renaissance, where portraits and other secular works rose in popularity.

As the years passed, the Baroque period helped to direct the fashion of Italian frame production. Therefore, linear designs with straightforward mouldings started to replace ornate designs. However, the grandiose feel that had become associated with Italian frames still remained, even during the Baroque era, only adding to the wide appeal.

Choosing the Right Italian Frame

Throughout history, Italian frames have distinguished themselves to a great extent due to their painstaking detail and intricately engraved layouts. Even today, this singular frame is beautifully differentiated from other border constructions available in the marketplace.

Because of the many attractive styles that can be selected, there is an extensive variety of Italian frames for any kind of artwork. Whether you want a simple arrangement or a composition that offers increased ornamentation, Italian frames have the versatility to please customers of every taste. The resonant history that these unique frames represent offers a lovely touch to whatever picture or keepsake item you wish to put on display.