Middleton Art & Framing Services

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Custom Framing

The best frames work to enhance what’s inside, protecting against damage and preserving precious cargo for generations to come.

When you’re investing in a piece of art that speaks to you, or preserving a special piece of history — you don’t want to cut corners on framing. At Middleton Art & Framing, we’re proud of the work we do and bring our unique expertise and quality resources to those items that you hold so dear. Our custom jobs ensure your treasures sit beautifully on the wall, adding warmth and beauty to any room.


Corporate Framing

Corporate decor can be so much more meaningful than basic inspirational posters or pre-printed abstract “paintings.”

The artwork in many organizations often feels like an afterthought. If you’re looking to spread a friendly message to incoming visitors or truly underscore your professionalism and expertise, we’ve got the tools to make your office environment an extension of your brand. At Middleton Art & Framing, we’ll work within your budget to send a direct message to visitors about the kind of work you do. Beyond just framing and calling it a day, our expert designers and framers work with you to properly coordinate with your line of business – whether that’s through an on-site consultation, art acquisition, installation or all of the above.


Restoration Services

Turn back the clock on your favorite old photos.

If you’re looking to do away with any wrinkles, cracks, stains or rips, we’ll scan and digitally restore your images to their old glory days. We can add color to old black and white photos of relatives long passed or reprint copies of old memories as a gift for the whole family. Bottom line? We’ll help you restore, enhance and duplicate copies of favorite moments in time.